Insurance Roof Replacement & Inspection

Whether you live in Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio, storms can really do a lot of damage to your home. When that happens, you need the most trusted roofers in your area. A reputable roofing company can inspect your roof for storm damage as well as work with your insurance about a roof replacement if you need one.

Premier Roof and Renovation, Detroit MI’s most roofing roofing company, has years of experience not only with roof replacements but with navigating homeowners insurance to get our clients the best value for their new roof.

Premier Roof and Renovation’s Thorough Storm Damage Roof Inspections and Quality Roof Replacements

  • Storm Damage Roof Inspection

    When high winds have ripped off shingles or flying debris has damaged your siding, you may be worried about how much it will cost to repair your home, whether your insurance will cover anything, and other concerns. The only way to set your mind at ease is to get a professional roof inspection from a trusted local roofing company like Premier Roof and Renovation.

    Here’s the top reasons to get your roof inspected after a storm:

    • Trained roofers know what different types of storm damage look like, even signs of roof damage that you’ll miss if you’re just looking at your roof from the ground.
    • They’ll catch smaller issues like damaged shingles and minor leaks that can quickly grow into larger roof problems if left untreated.
    • They understand all the parts of your roof and what whole, properly installed roof parts look like. Do you know what flashing is? How about a vent? Most homeowners don’t, but a trained roofer will.
    • Locating and fixing these kind of minor issues before they get worse will get save you money over the long term.
    • With the help of roofing professionals, you can better navigate the insurance claims process. They know what to say and how to present damage to get you the best coverage for repairs or roof replacement.
  • Insurance Roof Replacement

    Did you know that you are currently paying for roof coverage within your insurance policy? We do! The good news is that your insurance will not only cover roof repairs but a full roof replacement if you need it.

    With years of experience working with homeowners insurance companies, we know how to present the damage to your roof and home exterior in the ways they need in order to cover your roof replacement.

    Unfortunately, not every homeowner qualifies for insurance roof replacement, but the roofing experts at Premier Roof and Renovation can help you make that determination. Even without insurance, we will work with you to get you the storm damage repair or roof replacement you need to keep your home safe.

Premier Roof and Renovation: Trust Our Experts After a Storm

Our licensed and bonded roofing experts work for you with your insurance company or directly with you to get your home protected again. We’re a full service storm restoration company, so we can replace not only roofs but siding, gutters, or whatever our homeowners need.

Got serious roof damage after a storm? Call Premier Roof and Renovation right away!