Roof replacement

When their roof has reached the end of its lifespan, homeowners are faced with choosing from roof replacement options. It can be a nerve wracking experience, replacing an old roofs, but trusted local roofers like Premier Roof and Renovation can help.

How do you know you need roof replacement?

Some signs of an aging roof are obvious: repeated roof leaks, roof sagging, structural damage, and moss growing on the roof are all pretty clear signs that your roof needs replacement. However, roof replacements can be a good idea if your roof is over 20 years old, even if it looks okay, or if your roof has had several repairs done.

Roof Replacement Basics from Your Trusted Michigan Roofer

  • Choose Your Roofing Materials

    Homeowners don’t just deserve a roof replacement. They need a roofing upgrade! Think about what kind of roofing materials you want for your new roof, considering what worked on your old roof and what needs to be improved. Different materials have different advantages, such as:

    • 3-tab Asphalt Shingles are a classic and very economical option.
    • Asphalt Architectural Shingles are thicker than 3-tab shingles and offer more protection.
  • The Roof Replacement Process

    • First, professional roofers remove the old roofing materials and put them in a dumpster for recycling. A good roofing crew will be careful of residential landscaping and make sure to remove all roofing nails so there’s no hazards left behind.
    • Once the old shingles or roofing is removed, the roofing experts inspect the remaining roof parts and make any minor repairs and replace any damaged roof decking or supports.
    • Next, your trusted local roofers begin installing the new roof, starting with roofing paper, then drip edging, then flashing, then vents including a ridge vent, and then shingles or other roofing materials.

Premier Roof and Renovation: Platinum Roofers & Roof Replacement Experts

We’ve been certified as high quality roofers by the most reputable roofing manufacturers in the business like Owens Corning because of our quality workmanship, and we’re trusted in the communities we serve because of our track record.

Don’t suffer with roof leaks and damaged roofing! Contact Premier Roof and Renovation for your next roof replacement!