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Through dedication and hard work over nearly a decade, Premier Roof and Renovations has established itself as Birmingham MI’s most reputable and trusted roofing and exterior renovation experts. We use only the best in construction and roofing materials and cutting edge equipment to serve our Michigan customers with services like gutter installation, roof replacements, and more.


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    We bring only the best roofing and exterior services that are tailored toward the needs of each and every customer, maintaining a responsive and sensitive approach to all projects.
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    We are a trusted name in the insurance restoration industry with over 20 years of combined experience, and our licensing and ongoing education ensures we do a quality job with each and every project.
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    We are a family owned and operated roofing company built on strong principles intent on making each and every one of your commercial or home projects the last intrusive possible.


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Can a roof be fixed in the winter?

When homeowners or business owners discover roof problems in the middle of winter, it can cause a panic, wondering who to call and can a roof be fixed in the winter? The answer is yes, if you get the help of your most reputable local roofers.

In Birmingham MI, Premier Roof and Renovations is the most trusted company for roof replacements and roof repairs, and we’re dedicated to helping Michigan homeowners and commercial property owners keep their assets safe with solid roofing all year round.

Wintertime Roof Repair

Luckily for Michigan homeowners, the answer is yes, your roof can get fixed during the winter. Just about any roofing work that can be done in the summer can be done in the winter. In fact, letting roof damage remain through the colder months can be very dangerous, as snow and ice can build up and then turn into water damage when it melts. So don’t hesitate to call your trusted local roofers if you notice roof damage, even in the winter.

That doesn’t mean it will be done the same way, however. Lower temperatures do affect roofing materials, especially asphalt based liquids and certain adhesives. These types of adhesives are used for waterproofing and for sealing between shingles. In the winter, experienced roofers can just swap this type of sealant for silicone caulking, which can cure even in the cold.

Need roof repairs in winter or any time of year? Call Birmingham MI’s most trusted roofers, Premier Roof and Renovations.

If you notice missing shingles or any other kind of roof damage during the winter, don’t hesitate to call Michigan’s most reputable roof repair company, Premier Roof and Renovations.